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Posted in: Survival and Preparedness by Michael on May 19, 2014
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Survival, prepping, SHTF, and other resources related to self-sufficiency and preparednessThe internet is a wonderful tool for information gathering. The resources I have collected in this post contain the various survival websites, blogs, forums, videos, reviews, and other useful data stockpiles I have found and continue to make use of on a weekly basis.

These resources can help provide knowledge and lifesaving skills to anyone; from a beginner just getting started in the world of self-sufficiency to lifelong preppers safe and secure in their underground bunkers. Never stop learning. You may own every piece of survival gear possible but without the proper knowledge of how to implement and adapt those tools when something goes wrong, you’re SOL. Don’t get caught off-guard. Prepare. Learn. Survive.

General Survival, Prepping, and Homesteading

Alternative Energy and Generators

Knives and Tools

Firearms and Weaponry

Health and First Aid

Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoors

Food Preparation, Storage, and Cooking


Martial Arts and Self-Defense

Money, Savings, and Living On a Budget

Radio and Communications

Water Purification and Storage

YouTube Channels

Misc. Sites and Resources

Last Updated: August 24, 2014

I would love to keep adding to and growing this list, so if you know of any useful resources I have left off please send me a message. Also, if you happen to be the owner of one of the these websites and would like a full description added next to your link please contact me as well with a short (no more than 100 words) paragraph describing your site. I can be reached here.

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