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  • Schrade Jethro Review: Kukri-like Survival Machete

    Posted in: Machete Reviews, Survival Knife Reviews by Michael on January 13, 2017
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    Today I am reviewing the Schrade Jethro (model SCHF48), a survival knife/machete hybrid with a 11.625″ kukri-like fixed blade that is more than capable of piercing, batoning, and powering through any heavy chopping jobs you can throw at it. Its official MSRP is just north of of $80.00, but with a little bargain hunting the Schrade Jethro can be found for under $50, making its price a competitive one for the quality offered by this large kukri inspired blade.

    This bold, kukri-like survival machete is manufactured by BTI Tools, a company that produces Schrade products as well as Old Timer, Uncle Henry, and Imperial branded products. They are probably best known for their pocket knives, but feature a wide selection of products ranging from fixed and folding knives, collapsible batons, tactical pens to tactical and survival accessories and flashlights that are used by survival/outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcement, and even fire department personnel. Schrade knives were manufactured by Taylor Brands until 2016, but Smith & Wesson acquired Taylor Brands and incorporated it into BTI Tools. Continue reading this post ➜

  • FOX Extreme Tactical Kukri Review – Model FX-9CM05 T, Tanto Point

    Posted in: Kukri Reviews by Michael on October 19, 2016
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    FOX Extreme Tactical Kukri Review

    Your experience outdoors is only as good as the tools you have and knives are without a doubt among the most important resources. If you are a hunter, a camping enthusiast or you simply love being outdoors, you understand better than anyone else the importance of not only carrying a knife but also having the right blade for your required tasks. These days, it’s a little hard to get your hands on a decent knife. The problem is not that there aren’t any good ones but that the market is literally flooded with all sorts of models, brands and designs. The choices can be a little overwhelming to inexperienced knife users. This can make it difficult for newcomers to find the right knife. Continue reading this post ➜

  • Condor Kukri Machete Review

    Posted in: Kukri Reviews, Machete Reviews by Michael on June 24, 2014
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    Condor Kukri Machete ReviewThe Condor Kukri Machete up for review (available at Amazon) is an excellent option for a large, affordable, fixed blade knife that’s perfect for heavy-duty chopping, hacking vines and shrubbery, cutting wood, batoning and clearing trails. It makes short work of tall brush, easily lops off limbs for firewood, and sharpens up quickly to a razor edge.

    I reviewed the Condor Heavy Duty Kukri a while back and came away very satisfied with everything that model had to offer. Like the HD Kukri, this model is also made in El Salvador with premium build materials, including high-carbon steel, thick genuine leather, and a gorgeous hardwood handle. This stout blade can take plenty of abuse without bending, breaking or chipping.

    Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Condor Kukri machete such an ideal choice for outdoorsmen who need a reliable machete to bring along in the woods and on the trail. Continue reading this post ➜

  • Kershaw 1074 Review: 18-Inch Camp Knife

    Posted in: Machete Reviews, Survival Knife Reviews by Michael on February 28, 2014
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    Featured image for the Kershaw 1074 Camp KnifeThe Kershaw 1074 Camp Knife (18″ version available at Amazon) is one of the best in a series of popular and innovative knives manufactured by decades-old knife manufacturer Kershaw. The globally renowned US knife brand is a member of the KAI Group, which has knife manufacturing operations in China and Japan as well. The company is involved in manufacture of various kinds of knifes including camping knives, multi-tools, machetes, pocket knives and even kitchen cutlery.

    With an 18-inch blade, the 2.1 pound Kershaw 1074 Camp Knife is the biggest in the Kershaw line of knives. In hand it feels more like a small sword than a knife. The sheer size of the knife makes it easy to use as a handy survival tool given its ability to cut, hack, slash, split and scrape among any other uses.

    The massive 18-inch blade, high quality of the construction material, coupled with a comfortable and ergonomically innovative handle makes the Kershaw 1074 a formidable camping knife. Continue reading this post ➜

  • Schrade SCHF10 Review: Extreme Survival Knife

    Posted in: Survival Knife Reviews by Michael on January 30, 2014
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    Schrade SCHF10 Extreme Survival Knife with 8CR13MoV stainless steel blade.If you happen to be searching for a durable, inexpensive survival knife for less then $50 you should definitely take a long look and consider the Schrade SCHF10 Extreme Survival Knife. Schrade knives have won many fans among hunters, campers, backpackers and the survival community. That popularity is well deserved. As you will see below the quality and construction of the SCHF10 make it an excellent addition to the Schrade range of fixed blades.

    Schrade has a very long history of producing high quality yet affordable knives. The company was first formed in 1892 by George Schrade, an inventor from England. Schrade is best known for his first knife design which was the switchblade. In 2004 the company was purchased by Taylor brands LLC who also manufacture Smith & Wesson Knives. They have continued the proud tradition of making first class survival knives under the Schrade brand name. Can the SCHF10 provide high performance, quality build materials and reliability for under $50? You bet! Continue reading our comprehensive review to learn why. Continue reading this post ➜

  • Woodman’s Pal Review (Model 481)

    Posted in: Machete Reviews, Survival Knife Reviews by Michael on January 19, 2014
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    Featured image of the Classic Woodman's Pal model 481 machete/multi toolPlease take a moment to examine the Classic Woodman’s Pal. Part knife, part machete and part sickle. It’s a tool that’s held American interest for over four decades. Designed and manufactured in the USA by the master knife craftsmen at Pro Tool Industries, the Woodman’s Pal is unique in its ability to serve a wide variety of purposes. The question is can it serve them well enough to measure up with tools that have a dedicated purpose? Take a moment to read this review of the Woodman’s Pal 481 and get our honest opinion on this large, oddly shaped classic.

    First things first. Straight out of the box this tool is certainly an attention getter. The unique curve at the tip of the blade which is intended to make it useful for everything from cutting through foliage, to chopping firewood, clearing downed trees and everything in between is a head turner. Continue reading this post ➜

  • Condor Heavy Duty Kukri Review

    Posted in: Kukri Reviews by Michael on January 9, 2014
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    Review of the Condor Heavy Duty KukriThe Condor Heavy Duty Kukri was designed by Joe Flowers and produced by Condor Tool & Knife. They have been manufacturing similar products since 1787. In 2004, the company started a new product line which specialized in knifes made specifically for the North American and European outdoors market, and now stock a wide variety of knives, axes, tools, shovels, machetes, and swords. This particular model is intended to be a compact – but heavy – version of a larger-sized Kukri knife and has all the penetration power and heft of a regular Kukri.

    Featuring hardwood handle scales, durable leather sheath and a well-constructed 10-inch blade with convex grind, this Kukri knife from Condor is one of the most popular in its price range available on the market today. It is heavy and thick, making it capable of carrying out a number of heavy-duty chopping tasks that similar sized knives simply couldn’t take on. Our review of the Condor Heavy Duty Kukri below will cover all aspects of this budget Kukri and why it’s one of the best bargains on the market. Continue reading this post ➜

  • SOG SEAL Pup Elite Review (Model E37S-N)

    Posted in: Survival Knife Reviews, Tactical Knife Reviews by Michael on December 30, 2013
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    Review of the SOG SEAL Pup Elite Tactical KnifeWhether your looking for a tactical knife for military use or just a reliable, all purpose knife ideal for backpacking, hiking and camping, the SOG SEAL Pup Elite E37S-N with black coated TiNi (Titanium Nitride) blade is well worthy of consideration.

    This knife measures 9.5 inches overall, with the straight edge blade measuring 4.85 inches in length and width of 0.185 inches. It is fairly light weight, largely because of the handle which is made from glass reinforced nylon; SOG say that the weight is 5.4 ounces, but in fact it weighs 5.7 ounces. Nevertheless, it is certainly light enough for backpacking when weight is a major consideration. But don’t let that fool you. The SEAL Pup Elite is as tough as nails, which you would expect from a knife designed for the Navy SEALs. Continue reading this post ➜

  • Ka-Bar Kukri Machete Review (Model 2-1249-9)

    Posted in: Kukri Reviews, Machete Reviews by Michael on November 16, 2013
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    Ka-Bar Kukri Machete Review and TestingThe Kukri style knife has a rich and romantic history. Designed for warfare, it is the prized possession of every Nepalese Gurkha soldier, past and present. On the other hand, a machete also has an exhilarating history as a weapon of war. It was used in a number of confrontations, from the Rwandan Genocide to the Battle of Havana.

    Ka-Bar inventively took the ideas of each of these powerful knives and interweaved them into one. Thus was born the Ka-Bar Kukri Machete (Model 2-1249-9), a knife containing the shape of the Kukri, the ferocity of a machete and the chopping power of an ax. Read on to find out what makes the Ka-Bar Kukri Machete a very competent tool for heavy yard work, clearing bush, chopping and trimming.

    Specs, Dimensions and Weight

    The overall length (from the end of the handle to the tip of the blade) of this Ka-Bar Kukri Machete is 17 inches. The blade alone is 11.5 inches long and 0.165 inches in thickness with an edge angle measuring in at 20 degrees. It features a full tang design with partial flat grind. The entire tool weighs roughly 1.2 pounds (20 ounces). Continue reading this post ➜

  • TOPS CUMA Tak-Ri 2 Review – Tactical Kukri Knife

    Posted in: Kukri Reviews, Tactical Knife Reviews by Michael on October 29, 2013
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    TOPS CUMA Tak-Ri 2 Review and TestingThe TOPS CUMA Tak-Ri 2 (available @ Amazon) is not your average tactical knife. This is a very unique curved blade based on the iconic Nepalese knife that can be used both as a multi-purpose survival tool and for defensive purposes. It is the Nepalese’s traditional blade, a popular weapon of choice that is carried around by most of the Nepalese serving the various armies around the world. TOPS has put their own twist on the classic Kukri blade shape with the CUMA Tak-Ri 2 and its more Western oriented design.

    When you speak of a tactical knife, it usually means a blade size and shape with practical functionality in hand-to-hand combat for both military and law enforcement. All this was definitely kept in Sijo Waysun Johnny Tsai’s mind while designing the CUMA Tak-Ri knife. Sijo Waysun Johnny Tsai is also the world famous CQC expert who created the CUMA Tactical Street Defense program in 2000. Continue reading this post ➜