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  • Hot Deal On the Kershaw CQC-6K: Emerson Design On the Cheap

    Posted in: Knife Blog by Michael on July 30, 2014
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    The CQC-6K, which was just recently released by Kershaw, has been in my shopping cart for a few weeks now. I have never owned an Emerson knife before so a budget model folder with their design really intrigued me.

    This morning I wake up, head on over to Amazon and find it has dropped in price by about $10 from what was already a great deal at the regular price. That’s what I consider too hot of a deal to pass up. I had to jump on it. There are only 5 left in stock after I bought one, so hurry over if you want to get your own before the price goes back up. The price of the Kershaw CQC-6K has been fluctuating greatly, but this is the cheapest I have seen it yet.

    Look forward to a review within a month or so.

    Good deal on the Emerson designed and Kershaw built CQC-6K; cheapest price yet Continue reading this post ➜

  • Kershaw Skyline Unboxing, First Impressions and Review

    Posted in: Folding Knife Reviews by Michael on July 21, 2014
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    Kershaw Skyline Unboxing and ReviewThe Kershaw Skyline (available here) is a flipper many of you are probably very familiar with already. It’s the favored EDC knife of countless users who are constantly singing its praises. Seeing as how I already have a very good EDC blade I had been putting off purchasing the Skyline. Well, now I finally have one of my own and I would like to share the unboxing and my first impressions of this hallowed and extremely popular EDC knife. Let’s open it up and see if all the hype is merited. Continue reading this post ➜

  • Benchmade Bushcrafter Review (Model 162)

    Posted in: Survival Knife Reviews by Michael on December 15, 2013
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    The Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 is Benchmade’s first foray into the bushcrafting knife niche. Not typically part of the bushcraft genre, Benchmade created a blade with the user in mind. With a sleek full tang design, the Bushcrafter offers a thick blade and ergonomically sound handle with titanium tubing and red spacers that fit smoothly into the tooled leather sheath.

    The blade is made of S30V stainless steel and is a high ground, drop point blade with a shiny, polished finish. The G10 handle has been hand-blended and contoured, and its dark green color allows it to blend with the bush. With a sturdy, full tang as well as a 4.4 inch cutting edge, the blade holds up beautifully and is extremely durable. All around, this is a fantastic looking product by Benchmade up for review. Continue reading this post ➜