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  • Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri Review (SK-5 Steel, Kraton Handle)

    Posted in: Kukri Reviews by Michael on October 15, 2013
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    Review of the Cold Steel Kukri with SK-5 high carbon steel and Kraton handleThe Gurkha and their famed Kukri knives have been among the most famous warriors for ages. While you may not be able to fight quite like them, there is nothing to stop you from at least getting armed like in their style thanks to Cold Steel’s SK-5 Gurkha Kukri knife.

    It has a wickedly curved blade that packs all the power and slashing ability of a sword with the chopping performance of a hatchet with this massive 17 inch knife. But this doesn’t mean that the blade should solely be purchased for use as a weapon. This kukri knife is the ideal workhorse for the home or campsite; perfect for clearing brush, trimming limbs, processing firewood and land clearing in general. Continue reading this post ➜