FOX Extreme Tactical Kukri Review – Model FX-9CM05 T, Tanto Point

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FOX Extreme Tactical Kukri Review

Your experience outdoors is only as good as the tools you have and knives are without a doubt among the most important resources. If you are a hunter, a camping enthusiast or you simply love being outdoors, you understand better than anyone else the importance of not only carrying a knife but also having the right blade for your required tasks. These days, it’s a little hard to get your hands on a decent knife. The problem is not that there aren’t any good ones but that the market is literally flooded with all sorts of models, brands and designs. The choices can be a little overwhelming to inexperienced knife users. This can make it difficult for newcomers to find the right knife.

However, there are some brands and models that you can never go wrong with and Fox Knives Military Division is one of them. With their many years of experience, you can expect nothing but the best from them. Below is a review of one of their Kukri models; the FOX Extreme Tactical Kukri knife (specifically model FX-9CMO5 T) with N690Co blade and blacked out, stealth design.

Kukri Size, Weight and other Dimensions

The FOX Extreme Tactical Kukri knife weighs a mere 15.87 oz. This is fairly light for its size and makes it easy and convenient to carry around whether it is in your belt strap or tool bag. It is just heavy enough to ensure that with little swinging force you get maximum output in terms of cutting or chopping force. And it is light enough to make it easy and relatively safe to use.

The knife is a solid fixed blade design with a full tang. Its full length (handle included) is 14.37 inches and the blade itself is 9.25 inches in length. The cutting edge runs the whole length of the blade’s lower aspect with the Kukri design ensuring that it is only a few centimeters shorter than the non-cutting surface. This offers the user a lot more cutting surface to use. It comes in handy whether applying the knife to a multitude of hard use jobs or even fine, detailed slicing.

FOX Extreme Tactical Kukri FX-9CM05 T with Tanto Point

Finally, the blade is 0.23 inches in thickness. This provides the perfect balance between firm rigidity and sharpness for efficiency and ease of use while chopping, batoning or slicing. Straight out of the box the blade wasn’t hair splitting sharp, but it was keen enough to power through thick limbs and shrubbery. It was also a competent slicer after a little time with a whetstone to refine the edge.

Blade Properties

The FOX Extreme Tactical Kukri knife has an inwardly curved blade design. This is meant to eliminate the need for hand angulation while swinging the blade, making it easier to use the knife to do things like chopping and digging. What distinguishes it from the other FOX Extreme Tactical Kukri knives is the fact that it has a tanto shaped tip. This tip shape results in a sharp yet strong point that is perfect for stabbing through tough materials.

N690Co stainless steel bladeThe blade is made out of N690Co stainless steel. This is steel that is reinforced with trace amounts of carbon, manganese, chromium and other elements. These offer the steel additional strength and help complement its effectiveness. The use of stainless steel protects the blade from rusting and other forms of corrosion. This way, you will have your knife looking and working just as good as new many years down the line. I’m not usually a fan of stainless steel for a Kukri, but N690Co has proven to be an excellent blade alloy. It’s easy to sharpen and has great edge retention.

The blade is coated with a black, non-stick idroglider material. This coating serves several functions. One is to get rid of stainless steel’s shiny glare. This comes in handy for people who want to use the knife in places where discretion is necessary such as in hunting and military operations. The idroglider coating will help prevent rust and corrosion. The material also offers the blade extra support and protection from chipping and other forms of wear and tear from prolonged use.

The blade is fixed onto the handle in full tang. This makes it very stable allowing the application of a lot of force with minimum risk of having the blade damaged or dislodged. The FX-0CM05 T Kukri also differs from the FX-9CM04 T and the FX-9SM04 BT in terms of blade tip design where the two other models have a half convex tip shape.

Handle Material and Ergonomics

The handle is made out of Forprene. This is a thermoplastic elastomer that is designed to remain warm in the hands of the user for comfort and ease of use of the knife. The material is flame resistant and demonstrates high resistance against friction and abrasion. This means that you can use the knife anywhere and for any purpose without having to worry about dealing with a fragile handle.

The handle is plain black in color with a dull matte finish. This complements the dull hue of the blade itself ensuring that there is no glare from any part of the knife. The pommel extends slightly so it can be used to exert blunt force to an object. The pommel also features a lanyard hole that when used will make the Kukri safer to handle and help prevent accidental slippage from your hand. A 14-inch Kukri flying through the air would make one deadly projectile.

The knife’s handle is also designed to offer full ergonomic convenience with its hand-fitting form and soft material reinforcement. It also has gentle friction grooves to ensure firm grip while handling the knife.


FOX Kukri in nylon sheathThe FOX Extreme Tactical Kukri  model FX-9CM05 T comes with its own sheath made out of Nylon 100D material. This is meant to keep the knife safe and to protect you as the user when storing or transporting it. It features a strap fastening system that is both secure and easy to use for quick access if there is need for a speedy draw.

A very basic sheath. No bells or whistles, but it gets the job done. Though at this price range I would have hoped for a better sheath material (Kydex?) with more features. MOLLE compatibility would have been nice.

How it Compares with other FOX Extreme Tactical Kukri Models

One of the main differences between the FX-9CM05 T and other FOX Extreme Tactical Kukri knives (other than being a tanto point) is the blade material and finishing. The FX-9CM05 BT and FX-9CM04 BT have bronze blade coating which gives them a shiny light brown glow. The handles are also different in terms of color where unlike the FX-9CM05 T they have green Forprene.

Verdict and Final Thoughts On the FOX Extreme Tactical Kukri

FOX FX-9CM05T USMC Knives Extreme Tactical Trakker Kukri, Black
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After all is said and done, there is no denying the fact that the FOX Extreme Tactical Kukri knife from Fox Knives MD is one of the best “tactical” kukris on the market. Its sleek design, premium blade steel, convenient form and hard use blade capabilities make it perfect for everything from hunting and camping to military applications. In comparison with other blades including those from the same extreme tactical knife line, it clearly isn’t perfect. The price alone will scare away many and the sheath could definitely be better.

However, its short comings are something that you can work around and are not really bad enough to be considered deal breakers, assuming your willing to splurge and empty your wallet to buy it. All in all, it’s a great Kukri with features that are sure to come in handy during your outdoor adventures. So if you are looking for a new knife to add to your survival tool bag, this FOX Extreme Tactical Kukri knife is definitely worth considering.

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