Tactical Knife Reviews

Reviews of tactical knives that are ideal for self defense, combat, military use and any other extreme situations that may benefit you for carrying a knife designed for fighting.

Zero Tolerance ZT0100 Review – All Black Military Knife

Don’t let the unassertive appearance of the all black Zero Tolerance ZT0100 fixed blade military knife fool you; it may very well be the only tactical knife worthy of the name. In addition to offering broad multi-tasking flexibility, the ZT0100 is equipped with one of the hardest and toughest blades you could possibly imagine. Kershaw, in collaboration with renowned designer Ken Onion, worked on creating this rare masterwork. Zero Tolerance knives are produced by KAI USA, a noted authority in knife manufacturing the world over (Kershaw is also a part of the KAI Group). Their decades-old operations have established the company as one of the best in the industry and the Zero Tolerance line of knives is their cream of the crop.

The ZT0100 features a 5.75-inch (13.6 cm) “recurve” blade that is very similar to the Kukri blade shape, though not as pronounced. One of the standout aspects of this particular production knife is the quality of its blade, whose wear-resistance ability is one of a kind. With piercing as one of the manufacturer’s main design goals, the blade is meant to stand up to the hardest surfaces without breaking, chipping or bending. The handle design does not limit your ability to use the knife in such a manner either, as it is ergonomically designed to offer a secure grip and comfortable feel even under extreme use. Quite frankly, the ZT0100 offers the anticipated military toughness that suits the knife to tough cutting, thrusting and piercing activities. (more…)

Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Review: Combat Bowie Knife

Featured image for review of the BK9 Combat Bowie KnifeMr. Becker’s BK9 is a elegant culmination of making and designing high quality knives for well over 30 years, utilizing every single experience learned from para-military and survival training, as well as various outfitting experiences. The BK9 (made in the USA, available at Amazon) represents a pure combination of Ethan Becker‘s specific and uniquely designed ergonomic Esta-Loc handle with a highly effective and more traditionally looking Bowie style blade.

The trademark handle found on Becker knives is well known among knife lovers for its incredible durability and comfort, allowing many prolonged periods of heavy use, while providing much less fatigue to the user than any other knife in its class. Without further ado, lets get straight to the facts with our review of the Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie Knife. (more…)

SOG SEAL Pup Elite Review (Model E37S-N)

Review of the SOG SEAL Pup Elite Tactical KnifeWhether your looking for a tactical knife for military use or just a reliable, all purpose knife ideal for backpacking, hiking and camping, the SOG SEAL Pup Elite E37S-N with black coated TiNi (Titanium Nitride) blade is well worthy of consideration.

This knife measures 9.5 inches overall, with the straight edge blade measuring 4.85 inches in length and width of 0.185 inches. It is fairly light weight, largely because of the handle which is made from glass reinforced nylon; SOG say that the weight is 5.4 ounces, but in fact it weighs 5.7 ounces. Nevertheless, it is certainly light enough for backpacking when weight is a major consideration. But don’t let that fool you. The SEAL Pup Elite is as tough as nails, which you would expect from a knife designed for the Navy SEALs. (more…)

Ka-Bar Becker BK4 Machax Review

Ka-Bar Machax ReviewIt was in the early 1980s that Ethan Becker founded his Becker Knife and Tool industry. He always had a fancy for industrial-strength tactical and survival knives for himself and it was this passion that triggered his interest in designing, manufacturing and selling high quality knives and other cutting tools. One of these knives is the Ka-Bar Becker Machax, which is also known simply as the BK4.

Becker’s knives of the BK&T line have grown and evolved a lot over the years and are now especially popular for their high quality design, exceptional build quality and all black construction. The growth of this line of knives is attributed to Mr. Becker himself spending lots of time outdoors using and testing many different types of knife designs and other outdoors equipment.

The Machax is one of his first designs and it was in the year 2008 that he collaborated with Ka-Bar, which gave him an opportunity to once again release the BK4 knife to the masses in response to its lasting popularity. (more…)

TOPS CUMA Tak-Ri 2 Review – Tactical Kukri Knife

TOPS CUMA Tak-Ri 2 Review and TestingThe TOPS CUMA Tak-Ri 2 (available @ Amazon) is not your average tactical knife. This is a very unique curved blade based on the iconic Nepalese knife that can be used both as a multi-purpose survival tool and for defensive purposes. It is the Nepalese’s traditional blade, a popular weapon of choice that is carried around by most of the Nepalese serving the various armies around the world. TOPS has put their own twist on the classic Kukri blade shape with the CUMA Tak-Ri 2 and its more Western oriented design.

When you speak of a tactical knife, it usually means a blade size and shape with practical functionality in hand-to-hand combat for both military and law enforcement. All this was definitely kept in Sijo Waysun Johnny Tsai’s mind while designing the CUMA Tak-Ri knife. Sijo Waysun Johnny Tsai is also the world famous CQC expert who created the CUMA Tactical Street Defense program in 2000. (more…)

Ka-Bar Combat Kukri Knife Review

Ka-Bar Combat Kukri ReviewThis Ka-Bar Combat Kukri is a modernized version of the legendary Gurkha weapon. It offers the best of both worlds: the fierceness of the famed Nepalese fighting knife and the reliability of a no-nonsense survival knife.

Ka-Bar is one of the most reputable US brands and this model in particular is manufactured in Olean, New York. It is smaller than the full-sized Ka-Bar Kukri and Machete, but it could definitely hold its own. If anything, the smaller profile and lighter weight makes it just the right size for combat carry.

Blade Steel

The blade of the Ka-Bar Combat Kukri features a 1095 Cro-van Steel with full tang construction. The material is a strong carbon steel that is easy to sharpen. It is one of Ka-Bar’s top choices in steel, which has an HRC hardness rating of 56 to 58. (more…)