Kukri Blades | Reviews of the Best Kukri, Machete and Survival Knives

  • Kukri History – Roots of the Iconic Gurkha Military Knife

    History of the Kukri, the traditional knife used in Nepal by  Gurkha soldiers.The Kukri (Khukuri), pronounced koo-ka-ree (with stress on the first syllable), is derived from Sanskrit and means razor. This curved and broad-bladed knife resembling a machete is used primarily in close range hand-to-hand combat. It has been the national weapon of Nepal and a part of the soldier’s uniform since 1837 with the Gurkhas’ struggle for control of the Kathmandu valley.

    The Gurkha soldiers of the Nepalese army, well-known for their fierceness and fearlessness in combat, are trained with the Kukri until they are capable of wielding it as if it were an extension of their own arm. A Kukri in the hands of a skilled warrior is a frightening obstacle. One that is nearly impossible to defend against in melee combat. Let’s continue and uncover the mysteries, origins and cultural significance of this magnificent weapon of war.

    Origin of the modern Kukri knife

    The roots of this weapon might be reliably traced back to the 17th century, when Gurkhas used it for digging holes, cutting vegetables and meat and for other odd jobs. Some historians insist the basic design and shape dates back further as outlined by one temple drawing in India; perhaps up to one thousand years. [Read More...]

  • Zero Tolerance ZT0100 Review – All Black Military Knife

    Zero Tolerance ZT0100 Review:  Rock Solid Fixed Blade Military KnifeDon’t let the unassertive appearance of the all black Zero Tolerance ZT0100 fixed blade military knife fool you; it may very well be the only tactical knife worthy of the name. In addition to offering broad multi-tasking flexibility, the ZT0100 is equipped with one of the hardest and toughest blades you could possibly imagine. Kershaw, in collaboration with renowned designer Ken Onion, worked on creating this rare masterwork. Zero Tolerance knives are produced by KAI USA, a noted authority in knife manufacturing the world over (Kershaw is also a part of the KAI Group). Their decades-old operations have established the company as one of the best in the industry and the Zero Tolerance line of knives is their cream of the crop.

    The ZT0100 features a 5.75-inch (13.6 cm) “recurve” blade that is very similar to the Kukri blade shape, though not as pronounced. One of the standout aspects of this particular production knife is the quality of its blade, whose wear-resistance ability is one of a kind. With piercing as one of the manufacturer’s main design goals, the blade is meant to stand up to the hardest surfaces without breaking, chipping or bending. The handle design does not limit your ability to use the knife in such a manner either, as it is ergonomically designed to offer a secure grip and comfortable feel even under extreme use. Quite frankly, the ZT0100 offers the anticipated military toughness that suits the knife to tough cutting, thrusting and piercing activities. [Read More...]

  • Best Kukri Knife – Comparison of 5 Top Rated Models

    Comparision of 5 top rated kukir knivesChoosing one single kukri knife as the “best” is very subjective. Everyone has their own preferences and ideas of what makes a good knife. I know many users swear by and will only use authentic, traditional khukuris hand forged by a Kami imported straight from Nepal. These knives have been refined over generations and can be much cheaper than similar quality Kukri knives designed and produced elsewhere. Honestly, I prefer a high quality Westernized model Kukri because they often offer varied blade steels, handle materials other than wood/bone which provide more traction for a better grip (such as micarta or G10) and sheaths that are more durable and versatile.

    Kukri knives are generally used for moderate to heavy chopping, but they can also be very handy as all-purpose survival weapons. Anyone who has used more than a few Kukri knives in their time will have formed their own opinion of what constitutes the best kukri, so instead of choosing one knife as the definitive solution I would rather go over five of the most popular and highly praised models among knife enthusiasts and collectors. Every kukri mentioned below is of high quality and receives many glowing reviews from actual owners, so you really can’t go wrong with whichever you choose. They all have unique design traits and merits of their own. Here they are in no particular order. [Read More...]

  • Kershaw 1074 18-Inch Camp Knife Review

    Featured image for the Kershaw 1074 Camp KnifeThe Kershaw 1074 Camp Knife is one of the best in a series of popular and innovative knives manufactured by decades-old knife manufacturer Kershaw. The globally renowned US knife brand is a member of the KAI Group, which has knife manufacturing operations in China and Japan as well. The company is involved in manufacture of various kinds of knifes including camping knives, multi-tools, mahchetes, pocket knives and even kitchen cutlery.

    With an 18-inch blade, the 2.1 pound Kershaw 1074 Camp Knife is the biggest in the Kershaw line of knives. In hand it feels more like a small sword than a knife. The sheer size of the knife makes it easy to use as a handy survival tool given its ability to cut, hack, slash, split and scrape among any other uses. The massive 18-inch blade, high quality of the construction material, coupled with a comfortable and ergonomically innovative handle makes the Kershaw 1074 a formidable camping knife. [Read More...]

  • Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Review: Combat Bowie Knife

    Featured image for review of the BK9 Combat Bowie KnifeMr. Becker’s BK9 is a elegant culmination of making and designing high quality knives for well over 30 years, utilizing every single experience learned from para-military and survival training, as well as various outfitting experiences. The BK9 (made in the USA) represents a pure combination of Ethan Becker‘s specific and uniquely designed ergonomic Esta-Loc handle with a highly effective and more traditionally looking Bowie style blade.

    The trademark handle found on Becker knives is well known among knife lovers for its incredible durability and comfort, allowing many prolonged periods of heavy use, while providing much less fatigue to the user than any other knife in its class. Without further ado, lets get straight to the facts with our review of the Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie Knife. [Read More...]

  • Spyderco Temperance 2 Review (Model FB05P2)

    Spyderco Temperance 2 with VG-10 Blade Steel and Canvas Micarta Handle ScalesThe Temperance 2 knife is Spyderco’s newest evolution of their popular fixed-blade field-tested design. Spyderco is a company based in Golden, Colorado USA, that has specialized in producing high quality production knives and knife sharpeners for over three decades.

    Many features which are today considered common among folding pocket knives have been pioneered by Spyderco, including serrations, the pocket clip and famous Spyderco opening hole. Their collaborations with over 30 athletes, custom knife makers and self-defense instructors guarantee constant innovations in design and quality of over 20 different blade materials. They make some exceptional folders that are very popular among knife enthusiasts, but their less common fixed blades are also a thing of beauty. Take a look at our Spyderco Temperance 2 review and see what addidtions and improvements have been made since the original Temperance was introduced. [Read More...]

  • Schrade SCHF10 Extreme Survival Knife Review

    Schrade SCHF10 Extreme Survival Knife with 8CR13MoV stainless steel blade.If you happen to be searching for a durable, ergonomic survival knife for less then $50 you should definitely take a long look and consider the Schrade SCHF10 Extreme Survival Knife. Schrade knives have won many fans among hunters, campers, backpackers and the survival community. That popularity is well deserved. As you will see below the quality and construction of the SCHF10 make it an excellent addition to the Schrade range.

    Schrade have a very long history of producing high quality yet affordable knives. The company was first formed in 1892 by George Schrade, an inventor from England. Schrade is best known for his first knife design which was the switchblade. In 2004 the company was purchased by Taylor brands LLC who also manufacture Smith & Wesson Knives. They have continued the proud tradition of making first class survival knives under the Schrade brand name. Can the SCHF10 provide high performance, quality build materials and reliability for under $50? You bet! Continue reading our comprehensive review to learn why. [Read More...]

  • Woodman’s Pal Review (Model 481)

    Featured image of the Classic Woodman's Pal model 481 machete/multi toolTake a close look at the Classic Woodman’s Pal Model 481. Part knife, part machete and part sickle. It’s a tool that’s held American interest for over four decades. Designed and manufactured in the USA by the master knife craftsmen at Pro Tool Industries, the Woodman’s Pal is unique in its ability to serve a wide variety of purposes. The question is can it serve them well enough to measure up with tools that have a dedicated purpose? Take a moment to read this review of the Woodman’s Pal 481 and get our honest opinion on the large, oddly shaped classic.

    First things first. Straight out of the box this tool is certainly an attention getter. The unique curve at the tip of the blade which is intended to make it useful for everything from cutting through foliage, to chopping firewood, clearing downed trees and everything in between is a head turner. [Read More...]

  • Condor Heavy Duty Kukri Review

    Review of the Condor Heavy Duty KukriThe Condor Heavy Duty Kukri was designed by Joe Flowers and produced by Condor Tool & Knife. They have been manufacturing similar products since 1787. In 2004, the company started a new product line which specialized in knifes made specifically for the North American and European outdoors market, and now stock a wide variety of knives, axes, tools, shovels, machetes, and swords. This particular model is intended to be a compact – but heavy – version of a larger-sized Kukri knife and has all the penetration power and heft of a regular Kukri.

    Featuring hardwood handle scales, durable leather sheath and a well-constructed 10-inch blade with convex grind, this Kukri knife from Condor is one of the most popular in its price range available on the market today. It is heavy and thick, making it capable of carrying out a number of heavy-duty chopping tasks that similar sized knives simply couldn’t take on. Our review of the Condor Heavy Duty Kukri below will cover all aspects of this budget Kukri and why it’s one of the best bargains on the market. [Read More...]

  • SOG SEAL Pup Elite Review (Model E37S-N)

    Review of the SOG SEAL Pup Elite Tactical KnifeWhether your looking for a tactical knife for military use or just a reliable, all purpose knife ideal for backpacking, hiking and camping, the SOG SEAL Pup Elite E37S-N with black coated TiNi (Titanium Nitride) blade is well worthy of consideration.

    This knife measures 9.5 inches overall, with the straight edge blade measuring 4.85 inches in length and width of 0.185 inches. It is fairly light weight, largely because of the handle which is made from glass reinforced nylon; SOG say that the weight is 5.4 ounces, but in fact it weighs 5.7 ounces. Nevertheless, it is certainly light enough for backpacking when weight is a major consideration. But don’t let that fool you. The SEAL Pup Elite is as tough as nails, which you would expect from a knife designed for the Navy SEALs. [Read More...]