Kukri Knives in the Media: Game of Thrones (TV)

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Warning! Spoilers ahead for Season 1, 2 and 3 of Game of Thrones.
Actor Jeremy Flynn as Bronn in Game of Thrones.
Ser Bronn of the Blackwater

HBO’s Game of Thrones is one of the hottest television shows on the planet. It’s mixture of fantasy, politics, warfare and intrigue has seen the television adaptation of George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels attract millions of fans worldwide. A major part of it’s attraction is the range of colorful, complex characters on screen. One of the most popular characters is the hard-drinking, hard-fighting, kukri-wielding, womanizing sell-sword Bronn. A loveable rogue and mercenary, Bronn’s tongue is as sharp as the kukri he carries. Viewers have enjoyed seeing Bronn go from minor character in season one to a major player in the Game of Thrones in season four.

Who is Bronn?

Bronn first appeared in the episode ‘Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things’ (Season 1, Episode 4). He is staying at The Crossroads Inn when Tyrion Lannister arrives and, despite initially appearing to befriend Tyrion, he soon reveals his mercenary nature when he agrees to help Catelyn Stark take the dwarf prisoner. When the party is attacked on the road Bronn shows his prowess in combat. Bronn later acts as Tyrion’s proxy in a trial by combat and following his victory the pair become firm friends. Although both parties are aware that it’s a friendship primarily based on financial convenience rather than any great love, Tyrion knows Bronn’s sword and kukri are his to command.

Bronn may not possess the finesse or honor expected of a typical knight in King’s Landing, but his stealth and quick wits have allowed him to survive many battles in Westeros. He forgoes wearing heavy armor, preferring to rely on speed and cunning. Bronn wields a broadsword and is an accomplished archer, but it is perhaps his use of off-hand knives that is his most effective tactic and of all his knives, the one he favors most is his kukri.

How Bronn Uses His Deadly Kukri

A recurring tactic of Bronn’s is to distract and enrage his opponent with verbal jousting whilst reaching to his back to draw the kukri concealed there. This is perhaps best illustrated in the episode ‘Blackwater’ (Season 2, Episode 9) when he faces down the fearsome Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane prior to the Battle of The Blackwater. Bronn and The Hound goad each other into fighting (‘You’re just like me, only smaller’ says Clegane. ‘And quicker’ retorts Bronn) and as they square up to each other we see Bronn reaching for his kukri. Fortunately for both parties the situation is diffused by the alarm bells summoning them both to the castle walls.

Scene with Bronn wielding his kukri knife along side Tyrion Lannister (zoomed in on kukri).

Later, Bronn is able to put his kukri to lethal use when we see him wielding it in battle outside the city walls. He is attacked in close quarters and, unable to draw his sword, we see him take down the assailant with his kukri by cutting the hamstrings of his enemy before administering the killing blow. The scene with The Hound is replicated in the first episode of Season Three when Bronn is faced with two Kingsguard men. Again we see Bronn reach for his kukri, but again he is interrupted before having the chance to draw it.

Identifying His Kukri – Where can I get one?

It’s hard to get a close up shot of Bronn’s kukri as most of the time it’s either stored in the sheath located on the small of his back or being swung violently at an enemy. But what we can concluded is the knife has the appearance of a traditional Ghurka Khukri featuring a wooden or bone handle and black leather sheath. The knife is most likely a custom prop made specifically for the show, but if your a fan looking for a similar kukri for your collection I would recommend the 3 Chirra Beast. It may not be a perfect match, but in my research has been the most similar appearing to Bronn’s knife I could find that wasn’t a cheap Chinese knockoff. Hopefully there will be a officially licensed replica produced sometime in the future.

In a TV Series full of anti-heroes, Bronn stands out as a fan-favourite. His sharp quips, friendship with Tyrion, dark outlook on life (he apparently had a very tough childhood) and lethal fighting style have endeared him to millions who tune in every Sunday night. He may fight without honor, but, as Ned Stark would testify, in the Game of Thrones honor is not much use when your head has been removed from your shoulders. Give Bronn a good, sharp kukri over honor any day.

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One year later, and his kukri is featured! The handle looks more like a rosewood than bone or horn, in the close up around 36:40 of Sn 5 Ep 4.

It looks to me that it is a Assam Rifles Kukri, made by Windlass steelcrafts, you can get one at Atlanta Cutlery.

bronn has a Tora blades kukri , sirupate model